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Inviting distributors, offline vendors and retailers for selling the 'Specials' range of Mystiq Living. Our skin care products are meticulously crafted using advanced Ayurvedic formulations, harnessing the power of highly potent natural ingredients to address specific concerns and provide nourishment deep within the skin.


Explore our collection of skin and hair care products, each designed to cater to unique needs of end consumers

✅  Green Tea Clarity Anti Acne Kit ( Mask, Gel, Toner)
✅  Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit ( Mask, Scrub, Cream)
✅  Timeless - Saffron, Day & Night Anti Aging Cream
✅  Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil
For bulk enquiries please contact us with the following information

  • Company
  • Website(if applicable)
  • Products interested in
  • Quantity of specific products required

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