Black seeds obtained from nigella sativa, a flowering plant, is most commonly used in traditional medicine as well as cooking.  Most of us call it black cumin seeds (kalonji seeds)  and it is famously used as a flavourful spice in most of the cuisines.

FUN FACT – It is commonly called as “ Love in a Mist”

Nigella Sativa has a phytochemical compound called as thymoquinone , which is rich in anti –oxidants and acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

Black seed oil is particularly used for benefits of hair. They are rich in fatty amino acids that help to maintain the moisture in hair shafts. 

Benefits of kalonji oil

  • Maintains Scalp Health
  • Stimulates Hair Regrowth
  • Curbs Hair Fall
  • Prevents Greying
  • Conditions Hair

DIY skin care using Kalonji Oils

Get soft, smooth , silky and shiny hair with homemade methi and kalonji oil

diy beauty recipe wit kalonji oil



While kalonji acts as an anti-fungal , it keeps the hair healthy . Fenugreek rich in protein and nicotinic acid content prevents hair fall and gives shine to your hair.

For stronger nails

Are your nails brittle? Strengthen your nails with a little bit of pampering done on them.

Firstly, you have to know few things and follow the same for a healthy and stronger nails. Minimize exposure to water, Give polishing your nails a break, Keep nails shorter, A DIY routine to keep nails strong.

diy beauty recipe with kalonji oil 



While kalonji acts as an anti-fungal , it keeps the nail healthy . Petroleum jelly , rich in vitamin E strengthens the nails. Coconut oil is used to give the added moisturizer.

Get rid of dry scalp and dandruff with this hair mask

Dry scalp or dandruff can get really itchy and irritating.

“A dry scalp can lead to increased hair shedding”. So better get treating dry scalp at home for healthy and nourishing scalp

diy beauty recipws withh kalonji oil

While kalonji acts as an anti-fungal , it keeps the scalp away from any infection . Aloe vera is a very anti-inflammatory to reduce the itchiness. Citric acid in lemon addresses the problems associated to the root of your hair

How to grow longer eyelashes

Who does not want natural long eyelashes? Do check out a DIY at home for an amazing long eyelash

diy beauty recipe with kalonji oil



Castor oil nourishes the follicle and promotes hair growth. Olive oil helps in conditioning of eyelashes.


With so many benefits and home remedies associated with onion black seed oil (kalonji oil) , you might want to try it as a DIY product or can be used as a home remedy.

Mystiq Living Kalonji oil is a single ingredient , pure, raw and in unrefined form. It is a purely plant based product , simple yet very nourishing product everyone must possess in their beauty kit.