About Us

Nourishment Philosophy

Mystiq Living is a hair, skin & body care philosophy rooted in nourishment rather than cosmetic beauty. At Mystiq Living we believe in making products which are truly Plant Based, meaning 100% plant extracts having therapeutic properties that nourishes us from within.

We believe that being nourished from inside is the key to confidence outside. When you are beautiful inside, you glow outside.

Our Story

Priyanka always had a keen interest in homemade DIY (Do It Yourself) skin care and hair care recipes. This often led her in exploring commonly found plant based natural ingredients in formulating innovative hair & skin recipes. These recipes were found to be more effective, long lasting and above all safer than off the shelf products available.

Products claiming to be natural, organic quoted exorbitant prices, made tall claims, and almost never delivered results to the promise.

Nitin identified the need for an honest brand, which is truly plant based, provide long lasting nourishment, that is both natural & affordable.

The husband wife duo studied therapeutic properties of plant extracts, plant extracted oils and came up with a series of wellness products which proved very effective among the focus group studied.

Thus, Mystiq Living was born with the purpose to bring truly Plant Based, Nourishment Focussed products which are affordable as well.

At Mystiq Living we never make tall claims, are completely transparent with our formulations, and firm believer in less is more.

All our products are and will always be 100% Vegan, Toxin Free and Cruelty Free

How we make it possible

Honesty:  We are completely Transparent with our ingredients and formulations. All our products are completely made with Plant Based Extracts.

Nourishment Focussed: We make sure that every product has specific chosen plant-based extract, which has a long-lasting nourishment value to heal the targeted concern from within.

Safety: All products go through Toxicity Tests, Dermatology Tests, Stability Tests, Microbiological Test to ensure that they are perfectly safe for your skin.

Affordable: We never indulge in costly celebrity endorsements and fancy packaging, instead make sure that our products have most effective & nourishing ingredients, to ensure best value for your money.