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What makes Avocado Oil act as a Skin-Moisturiser and Hair-Conditioner?

by Mystiq Living 17 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Cold-pressed avocado oil is extracted from the pulp of avocados. This is obtained by squeezing the fruit under high pressure without heating. This method protects all nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that would otherwise get destroyed by high-temperature processes such as deodorisation. As a result, cold-pressed avocado oil has greater antioxidant capacity compared with other oils because there is no hydrogenation.

This oil has a thick consistency, and it is dark green in colour.  It is ideal for use on skin and hair because of its ability to penetrate deep into the tissues and offer hydrating properties.

Composition of Cold-pressed Avocado Oil 

Cold-pressed avocado oil has a unique composition of fatty acids, Omega-3 (Alpha-Linolenic),  Palmitoleic, and Myristoleic along with Vitamin A, C, and E and essential minerals. Avocado Oil contains up to 38% Omega 3 fatty acids or Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), apart from large amounts of oleic acid (Omega 9), which makes it a great solution for skin dryness. 

The avocado oil includes Vitamin E which helps maintain the health of cells by protecting them from oxidative damage  Cold-pressed avocado oil is also rich in other vitamins A and C that are essential for healthy-looking hair and skin. In fact, it contains 25 – 35% Vitamin A (Carotenoids) along with Vitamin E, and C that keeps the skin, hair and scalp healthy. 


Skin benefits of Avocado oil

  1. Skin Moisturiser

Cold-pressed avocado oil is an emollient oil with a fatty acid and antioxidants composition that makes it suitable for dry or damaged skin. The moisturizing properties of avocado oil make it especially suitable for winter use in areas that have colder climates. Its rich omega content prevents moisture loss from the body's outer layer – the epidermis – through dehydration.

  1. Repairs Damaged Skin

Avocado oil is excellent for repairing damaged or acne-prone skin because it helps prevent chronic inflammation and oxidative damage that are known to cause acne breakouts. Avocado oil also prevents UVB-induced skin damage and reduces the number of inflammatory lesions.

  1. Prevent signs of ageing

Expect it to protect from free radicals, reduces the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging skin due to the antioxidants it carries. 

  1. Reduces inflammation

Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation induced by irritants like dryness and harmful chemicals from other products such as cosmetics.

Maintain damage-free and conditioned hair through Avocado Oil 

Cold-pressed avocado oil keeps hair and scalp moisturised, fresh and clean. It repairs dry hair as it is anti-inflammatory and rich in essential fatty acids. It strengthens hair strands to avoid breakage and prevents split ends. Moreover, you can get relief from the itchy scalp due to dandruff as it has anti-dandruff properties. To improve the condition of damage or over-processed hair caused by chemical processes such as dyeing and bleaching, avocado oil provides nutrients to restore and repair damaged hair. 

solution for damaged hair, get conditioned hair 

Many uses of Cold-pressed Avocado Oil

  • Regular topical application of 2-3 drops on the skin can reduce acne scars and blemishes within weeks of usage. 
  • Apply on the face as a leave-on moisturiser by mixing it with other non-fragrant oils (like argan, jojoba) in a one to one ratio. 
  • Rub some cold-pressed avocado oil onto a cotton pad until oily then dab onto the skein surface.  This makes for an excellent makeup remover and can completely wipe off even the debris of the full-coverage foundation. 
  • If used as an additive for facial oils or lotions, avocado oil can help improve skin elasticity. 
  • Add ice avocado oil to night-time moisturiser to derive extra anti-inflammatory effects while brightening the skin and lightening dark spots.
  • When a few drops are used as a hair serum,  experience extra shine and anti-frizz effects.
  • Apply directly to nails for softer fingertips.
  • Mix it with your favourite body lotion for attaining soft hands.

DIY hair serum

You can use cold-pressed avocado oil as an excellent base for homemade hair serums or leave on conditioners. Simply, combine 10 drops of your favourite essential oils like lavender and rosemary with 1 tablespoon each of aloe vera gel and cold-pressed avocado oil. Mix well and apply onto dampened hair, concentrating at the ends, let air-dry or use a diffuser.

Know More Beauty Hacks with Avocado Oil 

The secrets of the extraordinary and hydrating Avocado oil have now been revealed to you. How are you planning to use avocado oil for achieving healthy skin and hair? Let us know if you are going to use it as a hair serum, makeup remover, moisturiser or conditioner. 

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