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How to make Hair Silky & Smooth at Home?

by Mystiq Living 20 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Are long, smooth, and shiny hair a part of your wishlist? But unfortunately, you are also one of those who’re suffering from dry, damaged hair and split ends. Here we are sharing some best home remedies to get silky hair naturally.


Home remedies for Straight and Soft Hair

Expensive and chemical-based salon treatments make your hair silky and shiny, but at the same time, they also damage hair follicles. Try these smooth hair treatments at home to get a salon-like luscious and lustrous look.


Hair Care Tips for Smooth Hair at Home Permanently

Every person is not born with glossy hair. But these DIY hair care remedies can surely help you to make hair silky overnight.

  • Say NO to Towel Rubbing

It has been an age-old practice to rub or jerk off hair with a towel. But this rough drying causes friction which damages the hair follicles. These damaged follicles get tangled into each other, resulting in dullness and breakage. Instead, wrap your hair in a soft cotton cloth, roll it and squeeze softly to get rid of excess water.


  • Don’t overwash

Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Some people have the habit of washing their hair daily while others wash them only once a week. Both these practices make your hair dull and lifeless as the former wipe away the natural oils from your hair while the latter results in soiled and grimy hair.


  • Let Conditioner be your best friend

Never omit conditioning after shampooing. Good conditioner makes your hair more manageable and nourishes & strengthens the hair follicles. Invest in a good leave-in conditioner. Your hair will thank you forever.


  • Seal of Strength with Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is an ancient practice for best hair care. You might still notice your granny pampering her hair with hot oil massage a night before washing them. Massage with natural cold-pressed oils restores its exterminated moisture, repairs damaged hair, promotes healthy hair growth, and makes hair shine naturally.


  • Avoid Hot Styling Tools

Stop using any heat appliances on your cherished possession. These hot tools may give a smooth finish to your hair temporarily, but in the long run, they result in dull, damaged & frizzy hair only. You can use such appliances once in a blue moon, but preferably after shielding your hair strands with a Heat Protection Spray.


  • Essential Oils are Essential

Nutrition is an essential factor for healthful hair & skin. Truly plant-based essential oils have therapeutic properties that nourish every hair strand from deep within. Try Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, or Lavender Essential Oil to make hair shiny. Just add a few drops of your essential oil into your carrier hair oil to get glossy hair. Yippee!


Which Oil is Best for Silky Shiny Hair?

Who doesn’t desire to get celebrity-type shiny hair? You will be amazed to know that hot oil massage is the key to get smooth & silky hair at home.


Hair Oil for Soft & Silky Hair

The market is flooded with numerous silky & shiny hair oils which leaves you perplexed. You end up struggling with your mind that which oil makes hair smooth & silky. Explore an array of cold-pressed oils & essential oils to make your hair thick, silky and shiny. Your countdown to convert rough hair to smooth hair starts now.

cold pressed oils for hair and skin



  • Kalonji Oil

Holding the power of antioxidants, proteins, and essential fatty acids, the black onion seed oil is the way to make rough hair smooth while controlling hair fall and premature greying.

How to apply: Combine 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Sesame Oil with 1 tbsp of pure Kalonji oil. Massage your scalp with this lukewarm mixture and let it rest overnight.


  • Olive Oil

Unrefined extra virgin olive oil is a surefire way to convert dull, dry hair to soft, silky hair. High antioxidants and nutrients stored in olive oil restrain dryness and repair damaged follicles.

How to apply: Massage your scalp with the appropriate amount of lukewarm olive oil. You can add an egg or 1 tbsp of Avocado oil into it to make dry frizzy hair silky, smooth naturally and instantly.


  • Flaxseed Oil

If you need to fight hair fall and dry frizzy hair simultaneously, consider using flaxseed oil . Also known as Linseed Oil and Alsi ka Tel, this golden-yellow oil promotes hair growth, minimizes hair loss, and makes frizzy hair silky straight.

How to apply: To make a hair pack for soft, silky, & smooth hair, blend 1 tbsp of Flaxseed oil with 1 tbsp yogurt & 1 tsp honey. Apply this hair pack 30 minutes prior to head wash for frizz-free hair treatment at home.


Bottom Line

You are free to customize these hair care products. Replace olive oil with virgin coconut oil and sesame oil with castor oil for the same recipe. But whichever product you use should be 100% pure, natural, and free from any chemicals. 

Keep Shining- Inside & Outside.

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