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Facing hair issues? Check out this amazing oil that promotes hair growth

by Mystiq Living 20 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Everyone dreams of long, shining, soft hair. But in today's fast-paced life because of our hectic schedules and consuming unhealthy foods, there are many hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, roughness, frizzy hair, dry scalp, premature greying, damaged, split-end, fungus, and more. 

Hair needs care, attention, and nutrition. Changes in the environment, diet, sleeping pattern, heredity, hormones, smoking, alcohol, pregnancy, and stress directly affect hair's health. 

At a certain age, we struggle with hair problems, whether it is hair fall, dandruff or any other issue, our hair has always been the centre of our concern. Proper care at the right time and using the appropriate products are the best solution to end all hair problems. 

Oil massage on hair and scalp with essential oils is an age-old secret that Indian women have known to follow religiously for healthy, glossy, and voluminous hair.  A hot oil massage is so relaxing and soothing besides ending several hair fall problems. For massaging your hair, extra virgin coconut oil is the perfect hair oil that suits all hair types.  

What is Extra virgin coconut oil?

Scientifically, the coconut tree is a fruit, not a nut. Extra Virgin coconut oil is not like regular coconut oil. The regular coconut oil is made from the dried kernel of the coconut wherein the coconut is pressed, refined, bleached, and is made aromatic. Whereas the extra virgin or cold-pressed coconut oil is derived from the fresh, raw milk of the coconut without undergoing any refining, or bleaching process making it 100% natural.  Extra virgin is free from any aromatic or toxic chemicals, making it far better and advantageous than the various harmful, toxic, and almost dangerous "beauty" blends and so-called ‘’fixtures’’ available in the market. 

DO IT YOURSELF Beauty Hacks With Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits of Extra virgin coconut oil for Hair 

Virgin coconut oil can drastically improve the condition of hair and health of the scalp and the following are some of the major benefits that you can derive from it:

  1. Protection from damage

Coconut oil is helpful in protecting every strand of your hair and protects from damage caused by the sun, pollution, chemical shampoo, styling products, colouring, and hot iron treatment. The application of coconut oil creates a protective layer on the hair and prevents hair breakage and further damage.

  1. Boost hair volume

Since the hair has a protected layer of coconut oil, the hair is protected from all the harm.  As a result, the growth of hair will be improved and there will be a tremendous change. Besides, coconut oil is full of nutrients and nourishes the hair from deep within and makes hair voluminous.

boosts hair growth
  1. Prevent greying of hair 

Hair can turn grey because of many reasons like stress, hormones, age, environmental damage, lack of nutrients, etc. When hair is messaged with 100% natural coconut oil, the blood circulation on your scalp is improved. As a result, the roots receive the nutrient through the better circulation of blood and are prevented from premature greying.

  1. Moisturises frizzy hair and add lustre

Extra virgin coconut oil retains the moisture in the hair and tackles the rough and dry hair.  Frizzy, curly, coarse, and untamed hair can be managed by using coconut oil with shine and gloss. 

frizzy hair
  1. Relief from dandruff

The dryness of the scalp leads to the development of white, flaky dead skin known as dandruff. Often the scalp feels itchy due to dandruff with flakes going down over the hair. The presence of Vitamins E and Vitamin K moisturizes and nourishes the scalp to keep dandruff away.

  1. Thicker, Longer, Healthier hair

The fatty acids and vitamins present in the coconut oil penetrate deeper in the cuticles of the hair.  The nourished and replenished hair tends to grow longer, thicker and healthier.

How to use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for hair?

You can use the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the following ways for strong and healthy hair. 

  1. Message warm coconut oil on scalp from roots to the tips for a couple of hours or overnight before you wash off. 
  2. Cover your hair with coconut oil before jumping into the beach-water or swimming pool to protect the hair from saline water and chlorine.
  3. After washing hair, apply a dime size amount of coconut oil to tame frizzy, dry hair as leave-in-conditioner, detangles and protects from sun.
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