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Illuminate your skin with the anti-ageing Grapeseed Oil

by Mystiq Living 20 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Many of us are not blessed with glowing flawless skin and as the skins start ageing, the wrinkles, fine lines, and free radicals become the biggest nightmare.  Thus, the skin needs to be nourished with the right product. Grapeseed oil is an excellent oil for skin that is loaded with essential fatty acids, nutrients and anti-ageing properties.  The benefits of grapeseed oil are known for over 6000 years and the Greeks used them first to avail the goodness of these miracle seeds. Ancient European have used the seeds and grapevines for their medicinal properties, and in making ointments.

You must be wondering what Grapeseed Oil is?

Grapeseed oil or simply Grape oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of grapes and these are the same grapes that are used to produce the fine wine. The Grape seeds are obtained from the Vitis vinifera botanical that is grown for producing wine grapes. This seed oil is actually the by-product when the seeds are discarded during the winemaking process. The grapevine is widely grown in the Mediterranean region and Asia.

How Beneficial is Grapeseed Oil for skin?

Grapeseed oil consists of Linoleic Acid, Flavonoids, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and beta-Carotene as its chemical constituents. These miraculous seeds have some extraordinary benefits for the skin as mentioned herein:


Free radicals prevent the growth of new cells, leaving the skin dull, wrinkled, and dull. Grapeseed oil offers anti-ageing properties to the skin that fights with the free radicals that are responsible for speeding up the signs of ageing.  The presence of oligomeric proanthocyanidins also known as OPC which is a kind of flavonoid helps in the production of collagen for restoring the health of the cells.  Thus, the skin appears younger, fuller and firmer.

No more wrinkles and fine lines

Grapeseed oil consists of certain ultra-hydrating components and Vitamin E that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Vitamin E is known for growing, renewing and replenishing the cells. So the skin looks moisturised, refreshed, and healthier. 

no wrinkles and lines

Even Tone skin

Those who are struggling with the skin problems like redness, irritation, and uneven skin tone can find solace in the Grapeseed oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of grapeseed oil calm and soothe the skin making it even-toned and smooth. 

Prevent Clogging of pores

Grapeseed oil consists of non-comedogenic compounds that lower the risk of clogging pores of the skin.  The comedogenic rating of grapeseed oil is 2 which is fairly very low that reduces the probability of clogging the pores, instead, it is lightweight and moisturises the skin. 

clogged pores

Fights Acne

Grapeseed oil acts as a natural astringent for the skin. It cleans and closes the pores effectively. Therefore, the size of the pores is reduced and the skin will not be a breeding ground for bacteria. What you get is acne-free skin.  

How to use Grapeseed oil for skin?

You can use cold-pressed grapeseed oil which is 100% natural. It must not be heated before applying as heat will reduce the restoration and healing properties. You apply it as night serum or in combination with any other essential oils.

You can also use it as a cleanser to remove the make-up, dust, dirt, and sebum from your skin. To make your own cleanser, simply add any anti-bacterial oil like jojoba oil, tea tree oil, etc. 

Now that you know the exquisite benefits of Grapeseed oil, go indulge in its goodness to illuminate your younger-looking skin.

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