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A reservoir of medicinal and antibacterial properties

by Mystiq Living 16 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Neem is widely used as a medicine in India and it has been proved to be very effective in curing various diseases. Neem has been used for thousands of years to cure various health problems, especially dermatological conditions.

Cold-pressed Neem oil is extracted through the cold pressing technique, it involves crushing the seeds and then extracting out the oil from them. Cold-pressed neem oil is pure, clear, fresh, and natural just as it is available in nature.  Neem is known for antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and skin cooling properties.  There are numerous benefits of cold-pressed neem oil for skin and hair and that is why it has always been a favourite ingredient in various personal care products. 

Composition of Neem oil

Neem Oil is composed of many compounds such as safrole, cymene, limonene, myristicin, elemicin, and santelol which are great for treating different health problems. Neem oil has been used as a part of Ayurvedic medicine.  It is rich in vitamins A, C, and E along with various minerals like iron, zinc, etc. which means it will help in reducing wrinkles on the skin. 

It is advised to store this oil at room temperature because if exposed to direct sunlight then its natural properties may be affected hence you won't get maximum benefits out of it.

medicinal properties of neem oil

Find out, how beneficial is neem oil

  1. Effective Treatment for lice

Cold-pressed Neem oil is finding its popularity among people who are suffering from lice and want a quick and at the same time effective remedy for their hair. This oil treats lice on the head especially on children. The easiest way to prevent head lice from infesting yourself, family members, or students is by apply natural neem oil after mixing it with other oils.

  1. Instant solution for Various Skin Conditions and Diseases

Itchiness is one of the most common problems in the skin that may occur due to various reasons such as pollution, dust, fungi, germs, contact with chemicals etc. Excessive itching can lead to a scaly condition so it is very important to treat this problem before any further complication occurs because you have to remove the dead cells from your scalp or skin. Cold-pressed neem oil can be used in treating itchy, scaly, and allergic skin conditions because it has anti-inflammatory properties and compounds such as limonene, myristicin, elemicin, and santelol which help in reducing inflammation and itchiness instantly when applied topically, without costing you a fortune. Neem oil is also very beneficial for treating various diseases of the skin including ringworm, eczema, dermatitis, etc.

  1. Reducing Acne 

The acne problem is also very common among teenagers as well as adults due to pollution, stress, hormonal changes, climatic conditions, etc.  Neem oil has antimicrobial properties which can treat bacterial infection and thus reduces excess sebum production. This oil can be used on sensitive skin as well as oily skin easily without any side effects.

  1. Itch-free Scalp

Cold-pressed neem oil has great compounds that reduce itching, treats dandruff effectively, and reduces dryness of the scalp instantly. The abundance of Omega-6 fatty acids present in this oil makes them great for treating various scalp problems.

  1. Great For Treating Various Problems Of Hair

Neem oil stimulates the growth of new cells, reduces itching, prevents clogging from pores effectively, and regulates sebum production. Moreover, this oil helps in protecting your hair from dust particles, pollutants, excessive heat, and harsh sunlight which means it keeps your hair healthy by providing nutrients.  Neem oils work well to improve blood circulation on your scalp and provides nourishment to your roots easily. 

  1. Effective Insect and mosquito repellent 

Forget expensive and chemical mosquito repellent lotions and diffusers. Instead, use neem oil that acts as an effective mosquito repellent. You can mix a few drops of neem oil with sesame, almond, or olive oil and apply to the exposed parts of the skin. It can also be used in diffusers.

With so many benefits, you must be thinking of how to use the neem oil since it is very strong. Here is how you can use neem oil for treating acne or skin conditions and to get rid of lice. 


Neem oil face pack for skin

Make your own face mask by using 1/4 cup fuller's earth (Multani Mitti) or sandalwood powder, 1 tablespoon cornmeal powder, and rose water as per the requirement to attain the desired consistency. Add a few drops of neem oil and mix well to form a paste. Apply on the face, or affected areas of the skin. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Apply this pack once or twice a week. Do not apply neem oil directly on the skin as it may cause instant irritation. 

Application of Neem oil on hair

Mix equal amounts of two or more carrier essential oils like almond, coconut, olive, etc., or any other essential oils. Add a few drops of neem oil. Take few drops of this mixed oil into your hand and massage it into your scalp gently without applying too much pressure.  Use this mixture at least every alternate day until you find no lice or nits on your head.  This should be done at night time before going to bed so that there is enough time for the whole procedure to work effectively.

Know more about the uses of Neem Oil 


Is it safe to use Neem oil?

Neem oil is extracted from natural ingredients and there is no added colour or fragrance which makes it 100% pure so there are almost no chances of getting any allergic reaction if used properly.  Neem oil should not be used internally as it may cause some side effects such as nausea or constipation. It is recommended that children and pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using any neem-based medicine on the skin.  Neem oil is very potent and may cause irritation in the scalp if applied excessively or without mixing with other oils. Therefore be very careful while applying it.

Cold-pressed neem oil is very beneficial if used regularly as it prevents hair from thinning, strengthens roots, boosts the growth of new hairs, and prevents dandruff, itchiness, bacterial growth, and lice.  It is useful for treating various skin and scalp issues and diseases.  Use it for whatever purpose this lice-killer oil has unbelievable medicinal and antibacterial properties. 

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