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DIY Guide to Use Neem Oil

by Mystiq Living 16 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Neem oil has been utilised in aesthetic and medical uses for thousands of years.

The oil is extracted from the seeds, leaves, stems, and bark of evergreen Neem tree, which is native to India and renowned as "the village pharmacy." In fact, the Sanskrit word neem means "bestower of good health". The medical qualities of the neem tree are well-known. Every portion of the neem tree, in fact, has its own set of benefits, making it incredibly valuable. Neem oil, in particular, is highly beneficial for treating a variety of skin conditions. They have potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects that aid in the treatment of skin and hair conditions.

Know more on benefits of Neem oil

How to use Neem oil?

#1 Face scrub for glowing and acne-free skin

Neem has been used to treat skin problems since ancient times. Vitamin E, antioxidants, calcium, and limonoids are just a few of the compounds in neem oil that help to improve skin health. Neem oil can help control dry skin, wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. Its cleaning powers can help heal acne and decrease scarring.

What do you need?

2 tsp Neem Oil

22 tsp Grounded/powdered coffee

How to use it?

Allow the face scrub to stay for five to ten minutes after gently massaging it all over your face and neck. Warm water should be used to rinse your face and neck.

#2 Moisturises the skin

Neem oil contains Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids, which allow it to penetrate deep into the skin and repair cracks produced by dryness. It also helps to rebuild the skin's protective layer, which helps to reduce moisture loss.

What do you need?

1 tsp Neem Oil

1 tsp Sesame Oil

1 tsp Almond Oil

How to Use it?

Mix all the above ingredients and apply it for 15 mins. Wash your face with tap water for refreshing and smooth skin.

#3 Conditions dry hair

Neem oil is nature's solution for all hair and scalp problems, as it is high in antioxidants that prevent hair loss. The use of neem oil on a regular basis will result in beautiful and healthy hair. Neem oil includes fatty acids that nourish the scalp and hair, such as linoleic, oleic, and stearic acids. Neem oil contains fatty acids that revive and restore dry, undernourished, or harsh hair.

What do you need?

1 tsp Neem Oil

1 tsp Coconut Oil

4-5 drops  Lavender essential Oil

How to use it?

In a mixing bowl, combine the neem and coconut oil, then use. You can also use essential oils to enhance the impact of hair growth.  Massage the scalp and hair with Neem tonic. Allow for an hour or overnight (if possible) of sitting before rinsing with a mild shampoo.

#4 For Anti-Wrinkle 

Because of the high quantities of necessary fatty acids, the goodness is absorbed deep into the epidermal layers, filling in wrinkles and intensely moisturising. It promotes cell turnover and suppleness. This oil is an anti-ageing dream when combined with the exceptionally efficient antioxidant action of carotenoid and Vitamin E, as well as hydrating triglycerides. Regular use is supposed to boost collagen production.

What do you need?

1 tsp Neem Oil

1 tsp Jojoba Oil

4-5 drops Lavender essential Oil

How to use it?

Mix all the ingredients and apply them to your face the night before sleep to see a remarkable difference.


We recommend you do a patch test before applying any of the above-mentioned DIY.  If you indulge in the DIY mentioned, do write to us and share your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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