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How to get pink lips naturally at home?

by Mystiq Living 06 Jul 2023 1 comment

Hunting for different ways to make lips pink permanently? The skin on your lips is quite different from your face skin. It doesn't contain a protective outer layer, sweat glands, or hair, and needs extra special care to stay healthy. 

The natural color of healthy lips depends upon your skin complexion and various other factors like sun exposure, dehydration, and discoloration due to multiple reasons. Here are some tips to convert black lips to pink lips in a natural way


Home remedies to make your lips red/pink permanently

Who doesn't want soft pink lips? Fulfill your wish and follow these simple steps to get pink lips naturally at home.

1.Lips also love exfoliation

Our skin, including lips skin, needs exfoliation to get rid of dead cells. Use a natural homemade lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. 

  • Mix one teaspoon of sugar with half a teaspoon each of sweet almond oil and pure honey. 
  • Massage lips gently once or twice a week to get pink lips permanently. 

Sugar provides conditioning to the lips and gently removes the dead skin cells. Almond oil adds moisture to the delicate skin of lips while honey lightens its color. Exfoliation also boosts blood flow, giving your lips a natural pink tint. 


2.Beetroot lip balm

Have you ever noticed the red stain that beetroot leaves on your tongue and teeth? Beetroot has a natural red pigment that makes your lips pink in 2 days. It naturally exfoliates and removes pigmented skin on your lips.

  • Cut the beetroot and rub it on your lips 2-3 times a day.
  • Apply DIY homemade beetroot lip balm daily.
  • You can also mix beetroot juice and honey in equal quantities. Apply it to your skin twice a day.


3.Massage with Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil

Like other body muscles, your lips also need a gentle massage. Massage boosts the blood flow to the lips, thereby making them look pinkish and fuller. Use Vitamin E oil to get naturally pink lips. Vitamin E is a warehouse of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which gives blemish-free plump lips. 


4.Protect from the Sun 

As you apply sunscreen on your face and open body parts, lips also need protection from sun exposure. Apply SPF 15 or above lip balm to protect them from harmful UV rays even on a cloudy day. Add cold pressed avocado oil to your lip care kit to provide a natural shield to your lips against UV rays.


5.Drop ghee or oil into the navel 

This is a time-tested old age remedy for glowing lips. Drop 1-2 drops of mustard oil or desi ghee in your navel at bedtime and rub the surrounding area on your belly for a minute. This is a fool-proof remedy to get hydrated pink lips in a week. The belly button, the power button which nourishes the baby within the bomb, is able to detect that which body part is starving of hydration and pass nourishment there.


Tips to get pink lips for men and women

In addition to these remedies, follow these basic lip care steps to bring back the natural pink color of your lips. These tips don't do discrimination against age and gender and give equal benefits to all. 


1.Stay hydrated

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. it will flush out toxins from your body, leaving behind healthy glowing skin and lips.


2.Make moisturizer your mate

Dry chapped lips snatch away your elegance. Keep your lips hydrated with the daily dose of virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. You can add pure aloe vera gel to the oil for additional benefits.


3.Quit smoking and other toxins

If you're looking for tips to lighten lips from smoking, then we have a very simple and effective treatment for you. Stop smoking and limit your exposure to polluted air. This step will contribute a bonus benefit to your health into the bargain.


4.Goodnight 'Makeup'

Don't ever sleep without removing your makeup thoroughly from your face and lips. There should be no lipstick or dust on your gentle lips before you reach the pillow. Simply use a cotton swab with Cold Pressed Castor Oil to make sure that there is no residue of any foreign particle on your lips.


5.No citrus

Even though most skin care blogs advocate the use of lemon juice on your lips to brighten them, dermatologists suggest avoiding this kitchen ingredient on your skin. It is acidic in nature and can worsen dry and chapped lips. Instead of applying lemon juice directly on your lips (just because it is loaded with vitamin C), opt for a vitamin C serum or combine 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil with one teaspoon of cold pressed facial oil.


6.Stop licking lips

Some people have the deleterious habit of licking their lips. The enzymes present in the saliva irritate the delicate skin of the lips, leading to a darker color. The more you lick, the more they turn dark and dry.


7.Switch to natural skincare

Chemical-based and inferior quality products are easier on your pocket but not on your delicate skin. Prolonged use of such products lead to darker skin tone. Switch to plant-based skincare products to add the right nutrition to your beautiful skin.

 home remedies for pink lips

How to make simple and natural lip balm at home?

Homemade lip balm should be preferred over store bought lip balms as they are free from chemicals and preservatives. Although the life of organic lip balm is less than those with preservatives, they give you the benefits of faster healing. 

1.DIY beetroot lip balm for dark lips

Try this quick and easy recipe of beetroot lip balm at home for plumper, pink, kissable lips with long-lasting hydration.

Ingredients required:

  •   Virgin coconut oil- 1 tablespoon
  •   beetroot juice- 6 tablespoon
  •   Vitamin E (optional)- 1 teaspoon


Grate a beetroot and squeeze out its juice. Blend the juice with the oils and refrigerate.


2.DIY lip balm for dry lips

Organic lip balm nourishes your lips with multiple vitamins and antioxidants, leaving behind soft supple lips.

Ingredients required:

  •   Coconut oil- 1 tbsp
  •   Hemp seed oil- 1 tsp
  •   Peppermint essential oil- 3 drops
  •   Shea butter- 1 tbsp


Combine all ingredients and store them in a clean jar.

 cold pressed oils

Wrapping up

Getting pink lips permanently is not like boiling the ocean. Just follow these daily tips and remedies for lip care. Stay away from chemical-based products as much as possible.


Eat healthy. Keep radiating.


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1 comment

06 Mar 2023 Shubham Moghe

Do these remedies apply to all kinds of lips be it dry, chapped or dark.

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