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How to use Vitamin C for face serum?

by Nidhi Gupta 17 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever chopped fruits and kept them aside for a couple of minutes to eat them later? But what happens to them after a moment or two? They turn brown or you can say- They get oxidized. But what if you toss some lemon juice over them? They stay intact. How come this happens? Lemon juice acts as a barrier between the sensitive skin of fruits and air and prevents them from oxidation. Your skin is as delicate as fresh fruit. So why not give a potent dose of Vitamin C to protect your skin as well? 

Benefits of Vitamin C serum

Although it is advisable to add foods rich in vitamin C to your daily diet, it's not mandatory that your skin gets its complete benefits. Vitamin C serum for face benefits are multiple. It acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory catalyst and offers various benefits to the skin, like-

  • It has excellent skin brightening properties which not only help to get clear and glowing skin but also free from blemishes, pigmentation, and acne scars.
  • It promotes collagen production, thus preventing sagging, fine lines, and premature aging.
  • It reduces redness, soothes sunburns, and acts as a shield to protect your sensitive skin against sun damage.
  • It can help to reduce under-eye dark circles.
  • It is hydrating in nature, and thus suits all skin types including dry skin, oily skin, and acne-prone skin.

How to make vitamin C serum at home?

Here’s an unfailing recipe for DIY Serum with Vitamin C for Face.

What do you need?

Blend all ingredients till they get a serum-like consistency. Lemon essential oil is a warehouse of Vitamin C which gives you bright, clear, glowing skin. 


  • Skip using vitamin E essential oil if you are making vitamin C serum for oily skin. 
  • If you are allergic to lemon, you can use sweet orange essential oil as it is equally rich in Vitamin C.
  • If you are making vitamin C serum for dry skin, add a few drops of any cold pressed carrier oil (like virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or extra virgin olive oil).


Which is the best vitamin c serum for face?

Homemade serum using pure lemon essential oil or sweet orange essential oil is the best vitamin C serum

vitamin c serum for face

How do I apply Vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C serum should be applied after applying toner. Don't forget to seal its goodness into your skin with a good moisturizer.

Can I use vitamin C serum on my face every day?

Yes. Vitamin C serum can be applied daily. 

When should I use vitamin C serum on my face?

You can use it twice daily with clean hands and on a clean face after using toner.

Can I apply vitamin C directly on my face? 

You should add the right quantity of vitamin C (lemon essential oil or orange essential oil) to take its maximum benefits. According to research, it has been found that the percentage of vitamin C should be between 8-20 to yield maximum results. 

How long should I leave vitamin C serum on face?

You should leave it on your face for a few seconds till it is completely absorbed by the skin. 

What is the side effect of vitamin C serum?

Although there are no side effects of vitamin C serum, your skin can show redness, itching, or irritation if you are allergic to it. Higher concentrations (more than 20%) can also cause these symptoms. 

Can I use vitamin C without sunscreen?

No. Sun's harmful rays can cause irreversible damage to your skin and cause hyperpigmentation. Always apply sunscreen after applying serum.

Can you use vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid together?

Yes. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid are perfect companions and work as retinol when used together. But some people are allergic to Hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, who needs a laboratory-made product when we have the power of nature? Add a few drops of any vitamin A-rich pure oil (like Wheatgerm oil) to add a dose of retinol to your vitamin C serum. 

Bottom Line

Like a balanced diet, our beauty meal should also be rich in every nutrient. Pick the right carrier oil and essential oil to quench the hunger of your skin and hair. Use pure ingredients and create your own vitamin C face serum. 

Stay healthy. Eat Healthily. Shine like a Star. 

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