ACNE- What you should know about acne

acne and oily prone skin

Are you tired of carrying that small/large round red spots on face? Yes, we are talking about pimples also termed as acne. W are here to discuss all about acne, causes and simple steps of treatment

Acne, a condition where oil glands in your skin gets blocked. Dead skin accumulate in these pores forming plugs. This plug gets infected with bacteria and results in swelling forming spots and pimples

Now that we know there is skin concern but do we know who’s affected by acne?

Based on certain researches it is believed that nearly 80% are affected from the time they hit puberty and 30 years of age. Be it any gender, they will be prone to acne .The rate of number of people affected by acne is steadily increasing.

But why the acne skin disorder arise when you hit puberty?

It is in the start of puberty when high levels androgens (sex hormones) are produced that stimulate the growth of facial hair and other adult characteristic. Higher the level of androgens bigger the size in the production of oil glands leading to acne. It is also believed that there are many causes for acne like poor diet, emotions and consumption of dairy products.

types of acne

You can find that there are different types of acne like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and papule . Acne looks like small red, tiny bumps sometimes filled with pus. This can be very painful at times.

“Pimples can be really embarrassing”

All of us must have gone through acne skin disorder as we were growing up, and it’s pretty normal. There must be some skin care regime that can be followed, a spot treatment or few simple steps to avoid or reduce acne. Isn’t it?

Treatment for Acne depends on how severe the condition is. For more serious and persistent acne, visiting your skin specialist or dermatologist is recommended.

However, mild acne can be treated in simple steps


treatment for acne and oily prone skin

Home remedies –

Cleanse gently

Apply toner

Use of healing masks

Treat with tea tree oil

Use Green tea

Dietary- All is well when you make changes in your diet. We are all told that you want to be healthy then change your diet. Minimalizing diary intake, eliminating certain high carb and sugar foods can help reduce acne.

Skin care routine – No matter what you cannot go lazy in your daily skin care routine.  Just by cleansing your face regularly and applying of cream or Gel. Regular usage of over the counter natural products available in the market. Most importantly stay hydrated, limit make-up and sun exposure.

Avoid touching with your fingers in the affected region of your face. Would you want to leave a scar on your face? Of course NO. It is better to  massage your skin with cream rather picking your pimples causing more harm.

Well, yes acne is common and it can occur to anyone whether you are adult or just hit puberty. Mild acne of course can be treated with home remedies or by using natural products. Modify your skin care routine and lifestyle changes.