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Green Tea Clarity - Nourishment for oily and acne prone skin

by Mystiq Living 16 Mar 2021 0 Comments

If you have been following our blog posts previously, it was blog on “know how about ACNE”. If you have not yet read the blog, then check it out here.

Have you been trying various options to get rid of your acne? And still it’s persistent? There is nothing to worry about, firstly it’s common and secondly, we will be introducing you to one major hero ingredient to treat  acne  and oily prone skin is GREEN TEA.


Yes, you heard right Green Tea. You must guessing that it is popularly known to be consumed for weight- loss and for other health benefits because it is rich in anti- oxidants. Well, It is this main reason that green tea works wonders for acne treatment.

Though Green tea is the hero ingredient here, acne can be treated effectively if there is an everyday skin care regime followed. A skin care regime that comes with a combination of a gel cream, face mask and toner/mist.

Here, is a well curated specials series acne regime for oily and acne prone skin by mystiq living. Let’s see how the revival benefits of green tea application can result in clean and youthful skin.


Green tea clarity toner/mist spray

The first simple step is use of toner or the mist spray. A great dish can be created only when you have a set of ingredients which work together. Isn’t it? It is for the same reason, an ayurvedic formulation enriched with highly potent actives has been induced here. The first ingredient is Green Tea and the other two  power ingredients are gotu kola and tea tree oil.

It is always better to know the ingredients and their uses

Green Tea which we have been discussing about its properties, a power ingredient which controls sebum excretion (oil production), clear pores and calms acne. Tea tree oil kills acne causing bacteria. Gotu kola is rich in triternene saponins—that helps keep skin tighter and firmer.


After washing your face spray green tea clarity toner directly on face and neck or moisten cotton pad with it and sweep gently over the face and neck. Let it air dry, don’t rush to wipe it off.



Green Tea clarity face mask

A face mask with 3 power ingredients green tea,  Neem cum Basil and Manjishtha.

Now, a little of theory for you

The main purpose of face mask is to rejuvenate the skin cells and thus we try to accomplish this by use of face mask. Neem & Basil are excellent purifying agents for revitalizing acne prone skin. Manjistha inhibits the growth of acne causing bacteria.


Cleanse face and neck thoroughly and pat dry. Apply the mask on face and neck evenly. Let it dry completely, wash it off with water and moisturize with clarity gel cream.



Green tea clarity gel cream

A day night cream with 3 power ingredients Green tea, Chamomile and Tea Tree oil. Know more info on the other 2 power ingredients

Tea tree kills acne forming bacteria, while anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile fade acne spots and remove scars.  All the ingredients work in tandem to achieve for the desired result


Wash face thoroughly after applying the face mask. Massage required quantity of gel gently on skin till absorbed. For better results use twice daily





skin regime for acne and oily prone skin

Acne is a problem which comes with a solution. Let us not waste our precious time on treating acne with expensive and long duration regime. While green tea works miracle on acne prone skin, follow these simple steps with perseverance and patience to



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