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How to make a baby sleep fast at night?

by Nidhi Gupta 31 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Struggling to put your baby to sleep in 40 seconds? Well, it’s the desire of almost 90% of human parents on the planet. Having a fully active baby till 2'o clock at midnight is no less than a nightmare for the parents. So, if you are also looking for the answers to the questions like- ‘How to put a baby to sleep fast?’- then here is the answer.

Natural sleep remedies for babies

Check out this blend of age-old and modern ways to put a crying baby to sleep fast in a few seconds.

Natural sleep remedies for babies

  • Don’t let them sleep after 4 pm or 5 pm- This is one of the most important yet overseen tricks by the parents. Babies who take a long afternoon nap till 6 pm in the evening tend to wake up till midnight as compared to babies who have shorter afternoon naps. Arrange your baby’s nap in such a way that they complete their nap by 5 pm in the evening. Even if your baby cries to nap again at 6 pm or 7 pm, divert their mind and get them involved in some fun activities according to their age.
  •  Massage- Give a soft massage to your child for 10-15 minutes before you want them to fall asleep. Massaging relaxes their tired muscles and promotes blood circulation, which in turn makes them feel drowsy. It is an age-old granny’s tip to make your child fall asleep quickly.
  •  Snug, dark and quiet- Keep the room snug, dark, and quiet enough while feeding them so that they start feeling drowsy while filling their tiny tummies. There should be no light from the gadget’s screen as well as it distracts them and ruins their mood to fall asleep.
  •  Feeding is important- Some parents want their children to fall asleep on their own without even feeding them. But this makes the child feel hungry at midnight, and wake up crying uncontrollably. Hence, you should always consider feeding them appropriately at bedtime. At the same time, avoid cereals for infants as it can create gas in their stomach. Breastfeeding is best at bedtime. 
  •  Use the power of aromatherapy- Certain essential oils can be used safely for toddlers as well to make them sleep fast. Lavender Essential oil holds the potential to improve the sleep cycle.
  •  Wake- Sleep Schedule- A wake-sleep schedule is mandatory not only for adults but for infants and toddlers as well. When ‘Body Clock’ or ‘Biological Clock’ works properly and consistently, they get a sleepyhead as soon as the clock hits 10. 


How to use essential oil to make kids sleep fast?

Mix 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil with 2 tbsp of Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil or Sweet Almond Oil. Store this mixture in a clean, dark-colored glass bottle away from sunlight and heat. Rub 1 drop of this mixture on the temples, behind earlobe, wrists, and foot soles of the child. Switch off the lights. See the magic happening. Your baby will fall asleep on his own throughout the night.

We strongly recommend you consult your pediatrician before following any home remedy for your little ones.

How to put a hyper baby to sleep?

In addition to all the tips and tricks mentioned above, the best way to make a hyper baby fall asleep is to trigger tiredness. Let your little devils play as much as they want and get exhausted bursting at the seams.



Sleep is important and its deprivation is hazardous for physical as well as mental well-being. But the good thing is that this phase will also pass in a few weeks or months. Parenting is not a piece of cake. Use calming & soothing techniques, a regular schedule, and essential oil remedies to ensure an adequate sleepyhead.

See a doctor if your baby keeps crying unnecessarily for the whole night. You are a parent now. Listen to your gut feeling.

Happy Parenting!

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